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Frequently Asked Questions - Counselling Twickenham

Welcome to my profile. I'm Greg.


I believe in a compassionate, open-minded approach to counselling. Helping you make sense of difficult thoughts and emotions, as you recover from anxiety, depression or broken relationships. Restoring your confidence and self-worth as you put the pieces together with someone you can trust. A counsellor who has your interests in mind, but remains neutral.


At Counselling Twickenham, I see our work together as a partnership which thrives on effective listening and feedback. Offering you realistic solutions that resonate with your experience. I focus on finding the best way forward, while helping you stay true to yourself. As an experienced counsellor, I recognise the key to success is rebuilding your independence and self-awareness. So it's vital that with each step forward you recognise your strengths as well as your difficulties.


I provide indivdual counselling (£50/£55) and couples counselling (£65) at affordable rates to suit your needs daytime and evenings.


Working in an atmosphere of respect and compassion, I can help you face the challenges of turning your life around. Offering you a safe place where you can voice your thoughts and concerns without feeling judged. I understand making changes to your life can be difficult. So, if you feel unsure about the next step, it can come as a welcome relief to talk things through with a therapist. Someone who can help you improve your wellbeing and relationships, as well as challenge you to get back on track. While I remain neutral, I am committed to finding solutions that suit your needs and personality. I also integrate mindfulness and the latest scientific research, to help you understand how your body and mind works.


Most people find me warm, approachable and easy to talk to. I have a good sense of humour. And I'm an attentive listener with an attitude of tolerance and respect. This comes from a rich experience of working with people from different cultures, professions, genders and sexual orientations. I have 14 years' experience and a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy & Counselling. During my training I cut my teeth as a psychotherapist at MIND, the NHS and the first male counsellor at Portsmouth Rape Crisis Service. I was also a counselling supervisor for trainees at St. Mary's University.


When you have such demanding lifestyles, your emotions and relationships can quickly get out of hand, knocking your self-esteem and ability to cope in a crisis. I have listened to people in the most difficult circumstances, using supportive feedback and guidance as a way of healing their distress. I believe counselling offers you a chance to gain insight and change your life for the better. It helps you develop emotional resilience and a deeper awareness of yourself. As well as helping you repair intimate relationships with healthy communication and understanding.


At Twickenham Counselling, (07506787034) we will address your concerns and identify any underlying patterns of behaviour. As we work through your struggles, you will learn to become more reflective and engaged in your own process. With each step forward, we will work on your strengths, as well as practical solutions that suit your needs. If you want, I can help you learn Mindfulness, which has been in the News as evidence-based practice for promoting health and wellbeing. I work at Twickenham counselling, covering Whitton, Twickenham, Teddington, Hampton and London areas offering both individual and couples counselling at affordable rates:


Individual Counselling - £50/hour (daytime) £55/hour (evening)


Couples Counselling  - £65/hour (anytime)

Greg Savva | Masters Degree | Counselling Twickenham & Whitton, TW1 & TW2

Greg Savva - Masters Degree Psychotherapy

Counselling Twickenham - Counselling Whitton - EnduringMind

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What happens in counselling?

If counselling is new to you, feel rest-assured it's place you can turn to someone who listens and find peace of mind. Counselling helps you gain insight and make sense of your story, while having someone you can trust, who is neutral and focusses on developing your self-awareness. This includes helping you understand impulsive thoughts & emotions, as well as learned behaviours that aren’t clear to you. Then we work on finding a way forward with solutions that work for you.


Do I have to know what I’m doing, or talking about in counselling?

There is no right or wrong way to do counselling. If you don’t know what to do or say, it’s normal. You don’t have to come prepared or know exactly what to say – just a sense of your own difficulties. You may feel unsure about what happens next. Don’t worry, you can ask questions, take your time and I will guide you through the process, as you find the words.


Will I be judged or diagnosed with anything?

No. Counselling is an opportunity to talk with a counsellor who is impartial and offers you constructive feedback. I will not be diagnosing you with any labels you don’t understand; or speaking psychobabble that makes no sense. If you’re not sure of something, I am happy to explain it as often as you’d like me to.


How long does counselling last?

It’s up to you - as short or long as you like. Usually you will feel the benefit of counselling in a short space of time. Then use your gut-instinct to decide if the things you’ve learned are sustainable. But counselling is a process and cannot lead to change overnight. Once a day and time is chosen we stick to that, with occasional changes. I allow for two free cancellations, (one emergency & one with notice), however on the third occasion, cancellations are rescheduled or paid for. If I cannot reschedule the client takes responsibility for payment. I do not work on weekends or bank holidays (including Christmas, New Year's Eve/Day and Easter).


Do I have to have something seriously wrong with me?

You will be accepted however you arrive – whether in crisis or simply out of curiosity. There is nothing too trivial or serious for counselling. You just have to feel ready to take the next step.

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At Counselling Twickenham, I take a scientific approach to understanding human psychology, using the latest neuro-scientific research. I treat the whole person because your body-mind is one, not two separate organisms. Both are connected via the nervous system which keep you functioning and alive. So how you feel in your body affects your mental state and vice-versa.


As a counsellor in Twickenham and Whitton, I understand that events in the mind, trigger responses in the body via your neural pathways. The signals nerves send are continually flowing back and forth between body and brain. This keeps you in constant state of metabolic balance and wellbeing. While stress and anxiety can disrupt your health: e.g. overthinking and excessive worrying trigger stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol, which put you in a state of 'fight and flight' and have a long-term impact on your physiological health.


I can offer you mindfulness to help you reduce stress, anxiety, anger and depression. Helping you make sense of impulsive thoughts & emotions. Offering you a chance to gain clarity and improve your self-awareness. It is your emotions and thoughts that make you suffer and from early on we all develop survival strategies which we carry into adulthood. Some of our survival strategies, have become redundant and need to be reviewed. How you respond to your emotions will liberate you from the unconscious traps you have created.


Mindfulness is about being present. Living as close to the moment as we can.


As a practice, it uses the flow of our breath as a bridge between body and mind. Awakening a deeper connection to ourselves. Alert from within; in-contact with the outside world. By breathing in and out, we use the simple flow of the breath as a way of attuning to our emotions and letting go. When we watch the breath, we live each moment more fully, bringing clarity and space to our thoughts. We accept each moment as it is without getting caught up in the pain of trying to fight change or the emotions which. Change is already happening. And accepting change helps us focus on the process, not seeking the perfect outcome. Accepting with the ebb-and-flow of life, as it happens. Not as we want it to be...


Through mindfulness we learn to become more accepting of ourselves, by paying attention to our inner being. Filtering out the thoughts and memories that hold us back; and the anxious preoccupations that blight our future. We learn to adapt and let go. We become more flexible, remaining open, curious and responsive to new opportunities. We do not fear what we cannot control. And do not become rigid or stifled. We learn to confront things. And survive.


I have expertise in a range of psychological issues: such as anxiety, depression, relationships, anger & trauma. I offer my counselling services to surrounding local areas such as counselling Teddington, counselling Hampton, counselling Hounslow and counselling in West London area. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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