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individual counselling

couples counselling

counselling for depression

counselling for anxiety

bereavement counselling

anger management


life crises

panic attacks

PTSD counselling

stress counselling

domestic violence

sexual abuse

survivors of rape


gender identity

eating disorders



compulsive behaviours



presenting skills


mindfulness skills

Greg Savva, Counsellor in Twickenham, EnduringMind



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Whenever clients contact me at Counselling Twickenham, EnduringMind, I am also a counsellor in Isleworth Area. I try to be as flexible and open to their needs as I can, but it is important in counselling that the boundaries are respected, keeping to a schedule of times and dates for counselling sessions and maintaining the continuity of the therapeutic relationship is essential for counselling to work. Counselling deals with many issues that may be affecting your psychological health and emotional wellbeing. You may come to counselling because you are struggling with anxiety, depression or broken relationships.


I can offer clients seeking a counsellor in Isleworth area both individual and couples counselling. You might want to make enquiries about counselling before you come to a consultation. Feel free to contact me for phone counselling or Skype counselling. Please feel that you can contact me at Counselling Isleworth just to have a conversation or ask questions about your particular issues without any obligation. Making the initial contact can often come as a real relief and bring down barriers almost immediately. I am there to really listen and offer you support, from an empathetic perspective, not form conclusions or make judgements about your life.


I have no expectations of you when you contact me as a counsellor in Twickenham, EnduringMind (Counselling in Isleworth area). You may wish to book a session immediately, ask questions or get a feel for the person on the other end of the phone. Do not hesitate to make enquiries about the kind of counselling I offer or explore the rest of the pages on my website at Enduring Mind. There are a number of counselling resources available. So many of my clients tell me that they really take a long time to consider counselling and research the type of counsellor they would like to work with. I quite understand this and that's why I have provided as much information on myself and counselling as I can.


I qualified as a psychotherapist and counsellor with a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I am an accredited member of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP). You can also read my client reviews and a section on my counselling CV.


As well as individual or one-to-one counselling I also provide couples counselling at EnduringMind in Isleworth areas. Couples counselling can help people in relationships overcome their conflicts and learn new communications skills. if there is a breakdown in trust, disagreement or even betrayal in a relationships, it may serve your interests to voice your concerns in a neutral environment, by a skilled and experienced counsellor. For those of you who have real difficulties getting out of the house I can occasionally offer counselling by Skype. I also offer counselling in Whitton and Hounslow areas. I hope that some of the self-help resources can be of some use in your recovery towards improved mental health and wellbeing.

By Gregori Savva

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As a counsellor in Isleworth area, I set up my practice as a safe place for clients to talk through their difficulties, hopes and fears for the future. I believe in building a positive professional rapport with clients, by offering a supportive and safe environment to those who want to talk through their fears, hopes and considerations for the future. Isleworth & Twickenham counselling for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, bereavement loss of identity and manging conflict in relationships.