About Me - Counselling Twickenham

Welcome. I'm Greg.

I work at Counselling in Twickenham. If you're thinking of taking that first step into counselling, then you may want to know more about me as a counsellor.

Long before training as a therapist at Metanoia, I lived and travelled across the globe - working as a professional, lecturer, teacher and anthropologist (observing other cultures).

Currently, I work as a counsellor at Counselling Twickenham and Whitton. During those years I have gained a wealth of personal experience and like most people I have had to face a series of personal challenges. Learning how to deal with my problems was rewarding and painful. Above all, I believe that my own struggles have given me a deeper understanding of how other people cope in a crisis.

If I learned anything, then it is how vulnerable we are. And yet, we are strong and resilient. The more I meet people, the more I realise how that strength allows us to survive in the most difficult circumstances.

Along the way, I've been deeply affected by my encounters with others. And I feel privileged to work with people through their triumphs and despair. Likewise, I am fascinated by what makes us human and I believe that each of us has an extraordinary tale to tell.

This means, as a counsellor I have a broader perspective on life. I believe that is why clients find me approachable and easy to talk to. As a result, I offer you a safe space where you can talk through your issues and be listened to.

Most of all, I see my work as a calling and I am committed to working in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.

My experience

Firstly, before becoming a counsellor, I worked in inner cities schools, universities and communities around the world. My experience in life have enriched me and opened my eyes. Furthermore, I have lived and worked in Europe, Brazil, Africa, India and Papua New Guinea. For a while, I worked with botanists  in Kew Gardens. Later, I trained counsellors at Saint Mary's University and worked in the NHS and MIND. Most notably, I was the first male counsellor at Portsmouth Rape Crisis Service.

I have fourteen years experience, working with people from different backgrounds, ages, genders, ethnicities and religions. It took me five years to train as a counsellor before I qualified with a Master's Degree. After qualifying, I began working at Twickenham Counselling, EnduringMind, while counselling in Hounslow, Isleworth and Teddington.

Above all, I believe  can help you move forward with freedom and independence. This is why I offer counselling:

  • which values the unique experiences of each human being
  • respects the freedom of individuals to choose and make their own decisions
  • helps people by working together in a partnership

I run my private counselling sessions at EnduringMind, Whitton, Twickenham. Finally, I'm a member of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapist and follow its code of ethics. Furthermore, I offer counselling in Twickenham, Whitton, Hampton, Isleworth, Hounslow and Teddington areas.

My Counselling Experience


 Metanoia Counselling & Psychotherapy Service

Firstly, I was counselling people struggling with:

  • depression and anxiety.
  • problems from childhood.
  • borderline personality disorder.
  • parents and families with children in care.
  • couples coping with a relationship breakdown.
  • people with low self-esteem.
  • childhood abuse, as well as domestic violence.


Winchester University Counselling Service

Secondly, I was helping people struggling with:

  • depression and anxiety.
  • anger management and violent abuse.
  • spiritual and religious beliefs.
  • drug addiction and dependency.
  • disability and body image.
  • eating disorders and self-harming.

Portsmouth Area Rape Crisis Service

Thirdly, I was the first male counsellor working with:

  • survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse.
  • people with learning difficulties.
  • trauma and PTSD.


Fourthly, I worked with people who suffered from:

  • serious mental problems
  • schizophrenia & learning difficulties.
  • violent physical abuse in childhood.

Private Practice - Counselling Twickenham & Whitton

  • individuals & couples counselling.
  • depression, anxiety & anger.
  • trauma and panic attacks.
  • people with relationship issues.
  • survivors of rape and sexual assault, or violence.


Saint Mary’s University College

Training and supervising:

  • training students on a Foundation Degree in counselling & Psychology.
  • supervising counselling students.


West Thames College

  •        a leader and lecturer in counselling.
  •        training counsellors on the Advanced Diploma in Counselling.


Psychiatric Placement (NHS)

I was counselling patients with a range of issues:

  • Community Mental health Teams and Home Treatment.
  • home visits to patients in the local community.
  • in-patients suffering from a psychotic episode.
  • war veterans.


Moving Minds

EPA Counselling Referral Service

  • I have with Occupational Health
  • My work with stress-related trauma and injuries at work