Twickenham counsellor - Therapy Rooms

The Therapy Room Should Feel Safe & Relaxing

As a Twickenham counsellor at, EnduringMind, I provide a safe therapeutic environment which helps you feel relaxed and comfortable. A place where you can tell your story, explore your issues and reflect on the changes you want to make.

So the first thing to expect is a clean, spacious and appealing room in which you settle and feel safe. As a favourite therapist of mine, once said, it is the job of the therapist: 'to provide a safe holding environment for the client' (D. Winnicott, 1962) who wishes to be understood and feel empathised with as they begin to open up and embark on a new journey of exploration and self-awareness. If the therapeutic relationship is about trust, the environment must offer an inviting space in which to work.

That’s why I have put a lot of time and effort into creating a warm, inviting atmosphere at my private practice. By reflecting carefully on the design and layout of the room, the furniture, the use of light and colour and decorations I hope to induce a relaxed but engaged state of mind. I believe passionately that when you’re sharing private details about yourself it can be a humbling experience, so it’s important you feel you can work safely. The photos on this page may give you some sense of the interior as you will experience it – the spatial layout, the appearance and feel of the room. I cannot suit everyone’s taste or personal aesthetics but I have created the most relaxing and thought-provoking sensory experience I can.

I believe the spatial design of a room along with its aesthetic appeal should stimulate conscious and unconscious processes in the psyche. Allowing clients to explore their feelings at depth, reflect on their personal traits and develop growing insight and self-awareness. I would like to think that as clients settle in the room they can relate to the space as their own and feel a subtle sense of belonging. Paintings, books, ornaments, plants and icons from various cultures should inspire a sense of curiosity and help clients engage with the journey of self-discovery they are about to embark on. Petruska Clarkson (2003) also believes it is a chance for the client to work through painful memories, evocative dreams and even visions of the future, facilitated by the creative environment of the consulting room and the imagination of the therapist.

For most situations we will be meeting on the ground floor and therefore it is room which offers disabled access. For occasional sessions at particular times I also have a consultation room on the first floor. I have access to broadband, a computer and various visual aids that will facilitate a constructive learning process. But please don’t worry: you will not be attending lectures and it will not feel like you're returning to school. Therapy is a partnership. It should feel like a healing process which encourages growth and personal development, between two equal human beings, one with expertise in psychological processes, the other with expertise in themselves and their own story.

Rest-assured you don’t ever have to come to therapy prepared, or knowing what you want to say or achieve. We can discover that together as we get to know one another. It’s okay to feel lost or unsure of yourself. I am there to empathise, listen, reflect and offer guidance. If you are looking for counsellors in Isleworth please also consider calling me as I offer psychotherapy and counselling service nearby.